Accessible content for all audiences

What Are Media Access Services?

Media access services include the following:

  1. Subtitling for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. This is also referred to as closed captioning.
  1. Audio description for people who are blind and visually impaired.
  1. On-screen signing for people whose primary language is sign language.

Feature Film Access Materials to BFI Specifications - Shell with English Subtitles and Audio Description

BTI Studios made Shell fully accessible with audio description and subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

Who needs to provide Media Access Services?

These services are now provided and regulated in a growing number of countries worldwide, including the USA, UK and most of Europe. Regulation is also now being planned in South America and other emerging TV markets.

BTI Studios' TV Access Services Solutions

BTI has built its business and reputation on providing excellent access services solutions for both national and international broadcasters. We understand that our TV clients need high-quality adaptations of their programmes, produced to increasingly challenging TX schedules and delivered with a totally positive, flexible and client-focused attitude.

Further Information on Access Services Regulation

You can find out more about TV Access Services by following the links below:

Access Services for National and Local Broadcasters

In the UK: Ofcom Broadcasting Guidance

In the EU: European Access Services

Access Services for International Broadcasters

Non-Domestic Broadcasters (Ofcom)

Further information on BTI Studios' access services