Sign Language Services

British Sign Language (BSL) is recognised by the Government as the language of Britain’s deaf community. BTI Studios can provide BSL translation of your document or video content to help you reach deaf audiences across the UK.

Open University Sound Vision Series with BSL

The Open University chose BTI Studios to provide them with BSL for their Sound Vision videos shown as part of their 2013 prospectus. All we needed from OU was their video and then we took care of all aspects of the project from booking signers, to recording the BSL on greenscreen, to laying back to video. We can also provide subtitles to be shown alongside the BSL for deaf and hard of hearing people who prefer to read what is being said.

Ofcom regulations on TV access services mean there is a growing amount of BSL on UK television, while the Disability Discrimination Act also means that deaf people will have increased access to other media in BSL, including digital channels and document translation.

Our commitment to quality ensures that whatever the content, genre or tone of your material, and however challenging, our Sign Language interpreting will match your specifications.