Closed Captions and Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

TV, VOD, Blu-ray, DVD, theatrical, corporate videos; BTI Studios has been providing closed captions and subtitles for all varieties of visual media since 1985. Whether for movies, TV dramas, documentaries or music events, BTI’s established history and expertise has seen us approved and verified by many of the world’s biggest content providers for their localisation needs.

Power Rangers with Closed Captions

BTI Studios is proud to have provided closed captions for many broadcast programmes including Power Rangers.

The Angels' Share with English SDH Subtitles

We've been providing subtitles for feature films for the past 20 years. We provided both subtitles and AD for The Angels' Share.  

Why add Closed Captions to Video?

With an estimated 360 million people worldwide describing themselves as either deaf or hearing impaired, you can reach a much wider audience by adding subtitles to your video content.

SDH, HOH subtitling and open captions or closed captions are all variants of the same type of subtitling which is required to enable the deaf audience to fully appreciate and enjoy your material. This type of subtitle format will typically include speaker identification (where necessary) and sound effects alongside the dialogue.

Why BTI Studios?

BTI Studios produces over 100,000 HOURS of subtitling per year. We have dedicated in-house teams specialising solely in creating subtitles. Our expert subtitlers train extensively to learn how to create subtitles for the hearing impaired to ensure viewers have the fullest experience while watching your content.

Ofcom and the Law

Access Services for National & Local Broadcasters

In the UK: Ofcom Broadcasting Guidance

In the EU:European Access Services

Access Services for International Broadcasters

Non-Domestic Broadcasters (Ofcom)