Dubbing – localising a film's dialogue into another language. Sounds complicated? Through our vast experience, streamlined workflow and our skilled and dedicated staff we make it easy. We produce over 100,000 hours of dubbing and voiceover every year. In time, on time, every time.

Local Knowledge – Global Efficiency

BTI Studios is a growing company, continually adding more studios as we expand globally. We believe that having our own in-house studios around the world will reassure our clients of quality, on-time delivery and easy client access.

We make all creative decisions and provide quality control locally to guarantee a perfectly localized dub. Then, adding our streamlined database systems, secure file handling and deliveries on a global scale, we can promise an easy and efficient workflow.

We're proud to have provided dubbing for Game of Thrones

We dubbed kids TV show Heroes of the City into Hungarian

What is Dubbing?

Dubbing is the creative process used for adapting TV and film content around the world. The translated script and the audio track are both created to sync with the lip movements of the on-screen speaker as much as possible (lip-sync dubbing).

Creating a New Original

We see dubbing as the art of transforming one original into a new original. Every project is unique and it’s our job to do justice to the original. Translating and localizing everything, down to the smallest detail, into a new language is a difficult task that we take very seriously. We respect the great effort, creativity and passion that was put into creating the original, and we feel proud to be asked to localize any project, large or small.


We know that different workflows require different formats. It could be video or audio, stereo or 5.1, according to the latest loudness specifications such as EBU R128 and ITU-R BS.1770 or just a simple mp3 file. We know the technology but we focus on creativity!