Independent Media Support (IMS Ltd)

In April 2014 Independent Media Support (IMS Ltd) was fully merged with Broadcast Text International (BTI) and together the BTI Group was reborn as BTI Studios.

This transformation has vastly improved our combined capabilities in terms of production capacity, cost-effectiveness and our ability to more efficiently manage our clients' more diverse requirements through the same friendly, efficient and dedicated staff. 

More about IMS

IMS was founded in 1989 and started out as an access services company – providing hard-of-hearing subtitling (or closed captioning) and British Sign Language services to broadcasters including Sky, The Disney Channel and Channel 5.

Over the years, IMS evolved and expanded its services, building expertise in translation subtitling, audio description and voiceover, delivering to a broad range of clients and platforms including VOD, theatrical, home entertainment, advertising and corporate media sectors as well as broadcast TV. IMS’s mission has always been to provide high-quality, cost-effective media access and localisation services so that our clients' content can reach and be understood by the largest possible audience.

In April 2013, IMS became a Broadcast Text company, part of the BTI Group. IMS proved a perfect fit for Broadcast Text, who were previously known mostly for their excellent localisation services. With IMS now part of the BTI family, together we are able to offer more complete localisation and access services solutions to global broadcasters, who increasingly need to adapt their content for both international and sensory-impaired audiences.

The IMS Crew becomes part of BTI Studios