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Happy Holidays From BTI Studios!

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Dec 15, 2017

With the holidays just around the corner and 2017 coming to an end, we would like to wish you a fantastic festive season and a super start to 2018.

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BTI Studios Grows Beards and Funds for Movember

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Dec 08, 2017

If you noticed the facial hair on men growing thicker or more artistically than usual last month, that’s because it was “no-shave November,” otherwise known as Movember.

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5 Steps to Becoming a Subtitler

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Dec 01, 2017

Anyone who’s enjoyed a TV series or a film understands the purpose of subtitles. They help the deaf audience enjoy movies, enable people to watch foreign films, and they explain the dialogue, which can sometimes be missed. These are also some of the reasons why many people want to start a career as a subtitler.

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Only Good Apples - Why BTI Studios Sticks to Core Values

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Nov 24, 2017

Every company has their own set of values, which are the beliefs and guidelines that people respect and follow. When a company grows fast, it’s important to hold on to those core values that initially grounded your company, and made your clients and employees choose you over your competitors.

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Cartoon Network, BTI Studios, and Voiceovers

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Nov 20, 2017

Anyone who remembers running home from school to catch a glimpse of the cartoon shows and any parent now with young children will be familiar with the Cartoon Network channel.

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BTI Studios Goes Hollywood

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Nov 11, 2017

Burbank, California is the location of BTI Studios’ US facility. Burbank is home to many renowned TV and movie studios, including Walt Disney and Warner Bros. This month’s featured office article takes a look behind the scenes at one of BTI Studios’ fastest-growing facilities.

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The Great BTI-ISH Bake-off!

Posted by Alan Simmons | Oct 31, 2017

With the latest series of The Great British Bake Off currently delighting the British public, BTI Studios London decided to whip up their own spin on the competition: THE GREAT BTI-ISH BAKE OFF.

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BTI Studios Takes On MIPCOM

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Oct 27, 2017

Every year in October, the renowned tradeshow MIPCOM is held in the French town of Cannes, where representatives of television, studios, and broadcasters gather for 4 days to buy and sell new programs for international distribution, promote their services, and network with studios and distributors.

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What Is Localization?

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Oct 19, 2017

The word and concept of “localization” has been used for years but it hasn’t always been understood by everyone.

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Shamrock Capital Becomes Co-Owner of BTI Studios

Posted by Corinna Booth | Oct 17, 2017

Major media and entertainment investors to back globally recognized localization company.

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