It’s official: your content is safe with BTI Studios

We're delighted to announce that BTI Studios Ltd has been awarded a Content Protection and Security (CPS) certificate by the Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA)

Posted on Apr 19, 2016 by Corinna  | Tags: Security, press release

The importance of this award is hard to overstate. Content is the most valuable asset most entertainment companies possess and BTI handles a vast amount of content for clients across the whole entertainment spectrum including Universal Pictures, BBC Worldwide, Discovery and DreamWorks. This award underlines BTI’s commitment to its clients and to the safety of their content.

The CPS certification programme includes physical security, digital asset security, risk management, and disaster recovery. The goal of the CPS standard is to secure media assets at all stages of the supply chain.

Robert Holmström, CTO of BTI Studios, said: “In the modern entertainment world it is not enough to know that as an industry-leading localization service you can be trusted to securely manage content. You need to prove it — to show that the content you are working with will be secure at all stages of the localization process. With this certification we have underlined a commitment, not only to quality but also to security.”

The Content Protection & Security (CPS) standard has been in place for six years. It has been successfully integrated into more than 100 sites and today covers a diverse range of media services within the digital and physical supply chains. The standard continues to be updated annually to address emerging risks to content and to improve the user experience. Input is invited from content owners, technology specialists, vendors and security specialists.

CDSA is the worldwide forum advocating the innovative and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software, and information content. The worldwide acclaim it has received for its anti-piracy and content protection standards has inspired CDSA to focus its activities on protecting entertainment IP — both pre-release and post release content — throughout the supply chain.

BTI Studios CEO Björn Lifvergren said, “As an innovative and customer-focused company BTI has always strived to maintain best practices across the board. The media shift to digital has brought with it content security challenges which we have risen to meet, as demonstrated by our achievement of the CPS Award. As a Netflix Preferred Vendor with a growing roster of high-profile clients across all platforms, we have been privileged to work on an increasing number of fantastic new series and films. This award from the CDSA recognizes our ability to manage materials for these top releases with maximum security.”

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