BTI Studios Provides Access for Moonlight

Oscar winning Moonlight is one of the hottest titles of 2017 and we're proud to have created the audio description and subtitles for this stunning film.

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AD is a scripted narration that is woven into a television programme or feature film to describe those aspects of a programme that visually impaired people might miss. Headphone-delivered narration tracks are increasingly available in cinemas and a number of major studios have committed to the provision of AD.

BTI is a known and trusted partner in AD, with a track record of providing high quality services to very tight schedules for a number of major releases, of which Moonlight is the latest.

Trailer shown by kind permission of Altitude Film Entertainment

BTI's Head of AD, Veronika Hyks, has been working in this field for 17 years, led the AD team in a demanding process which involved first immersing themselves in the background of the film — a powerful and moving drama set in Miami. The team then prepared a script that clearly conveyed what was happening on screen without interrupting the dialogue or flow of the film. Once the script had been approved, it was recorded using in-house software. The recording was then checked again and sent to the master control room to be mixed.

Despite a tight schedule, a great deal of background research, and necessary adjustments to accommodate pre-release changes or edits, not to mention high levels of security required to avoid the film’s details being leaked, Veronika and her team were able to add Moonlight to the growing list of successful AD services BTI has supplied.

AD demand is growing. It has support from the UK’s main distributors, many studios, the BFI and of course the visually impaired, for whom it is an integral part of access to entertainment. AD teams have even started to appear on the end credits of a number of films, as well, of course, as being credited on the soundtrack they supply.

BTI Studios' Head of AD, Veronika Hyks, was instrumental in creating the guidelines for audio description almost 20 years ago. She is a highly respected broadcaster, voiceover artist, producer, presenter and actress.

She says: “I’m delighted that AD work is gaining more recognition. It is demanding, detailed work and has to meet the very highest standards its audience demands and deserves, but it is also fascinating, involving and enormously satisfying. I am also delighted that BTI Studios, long a major name in dubbing and subtitling, is increasingly recognised among the very best suppliers of AD to the film and television industry.”

She adds: “It was a pleasure to provide AD for Moonlight, an intelligent, absorbing and beautifully played film that deserves all the praise that has been heaped on it. It feels authentic and it is certainly extraordinarily moving — and that to me makes it worthy of awards recognition.”

Many thanks to Altitude Film Entertainment for their generosity with press permissions

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