Emoji Movie Magic at BTI Studios Stockholm

Emojis brought people’s texts to life, so Sony Pictures Animation decided to bring them to life, with The Emoji Movie. BTI Studios was thrilled to be chosen to dub the film for the Nordic territories.

Posted on Jul 28, 2017 by Sophia Klippvik  | Tags: dubbing, Stockholm, blog

Together with Sony we carefully cast the 11 main emoji characters to ensure their personalities were captured perfectly. If you are familiar with emojis, you know that there are way more than 11 to choose from; so the movie will of course have many other emoji characters that we have all come to recognize.

With some extra emoji character voices left to fill, BTI welcomed Sony’s idea to host 6 Swedish influential bloggers to dub a couple of one-liners in The Emoji Movie. We saw this as a great opportunity to add a unique and fun touch to the film. These influencers who carefully pick which emojis will make their Instagram post would have the chance to actually voice and become the emojis themselves.

Bloggers dubbing the Emoji Movie at BTI Studios in StockholmBlogger Felicia Aveklew recording, and the group of bloggers giving "blue steel" 

The blogger-dubbing event was held at BTI Studios' Stockholm office. When the bloggers arrived, bubbles were served and conversation flowed. The bloggers who were selected to dub the movie were as follows: Gustav KarlssonSandra LindahlToni PrinceAthena AfshariFelicia Aveklew.

They each waited their turn to go into the studio and dub their selected lines, and they were happy to share their dubbing tips with the other bloggers. All of the bloggers were unique in their style and what they blogged about. I was happy to speak with them before their dubbing sessions. It was informative to hear their perspectives on the film industry making a movie based on what is trending in the digital and social media world. They said it was fun because the movie was about something relevant to their everyday lives, whether that was texting with friends or posting on their social media sites. They could relate to the context and the characters.

The bloggers were happy to share their experience and their studio time at BTI Studios with their millions of followers so they too could experience the magic behind dubbing and giving a voice to an animated character.

Altogether, the event was a great success. BTI gained an understanding as to who the upcoming digitally-informed generations are and what they are looking for when it comes to film productions, which provides us with great insight into how we can provide the quality localization services required to deliver that experience around the world. 

**Article published by kind permission of Sony Pictures Animation**

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