Why Do People Love Going To the Movies?

When we think of the movies, we think of the giant dimly lit rooms with the velvet soft chairs and the excitement of entering a whole other world for the next two and a half hours.

Posted on Sep 08, 2017 by Sophia Klippvik  | Tags: cinema, Subtitling, dubbing, audio description, Localization, blog

The history of cinema dates back to the 1890’s. So with cinema having been around for so long, and with today’s notion of "out with the old and in with the new" - why do people still love going to the movies?

Since the first early movie theaters started popping up in cities around the world and in people’s everyday lives, the alluring concept of going to the movies started gaining momentum. In the years after WWI, new technologies led the way to new productions and changes in people’s lives such as automobile transportation, but also in cinema, and that was motion picture. 

By the 1920’s, Hollywood had become the 5th biggest industry in the US. Back then the reason people loved going to the movies so much was because they provided a momentary escape from day-to-day economic or post-war troubles of life. There was also an important social factor with young people aspiring to be just like the characters in the movies, and sharing those aspirations with other fellow movie-goers. Also families from different economic backgrounds were able to sit together and share the same experience for an hour or two which was something that would never happen outside the theater doors.

People at the cinema watching films with subtitles

Today, cinema technology has advanced and changed with us seeing 3D, UHD and VR experiences being brought to the silver screen. But people’s need to temporarily escape their lives, feed their curiosity about other places in the world, or briefly imagine an alternate fantasy life remains the same.

As the cinematic experience has evolved so have the services to help people to access it, including dubbing and subtitling translations into other languages, subtitles for people who are deaf or hearing-impaired and audio description for people with visual impairments.

The allure of escaping to a foreign country without physically leaving your chair is a concept that many movie-goers have taken advantage of. People are curious of the world outside their own and one of the ways they can feed that curiosity is through cinema. BTI Studios is proud to be able to provide dubbing, subtitling and audio description services to enhance people’s understanding of the story being told in the film for audiences around the world.

BTI Studios does a lot of work with OTT and TV series, but we also work with theatrical productions. We want to help keep the magic of cinema alive so that people can continue to enjoy the allure and escape of the movies. With 21 facilities all over the world we produce over 8 million minutes of access services, dubbing and subtitling per year, all to make sure viewers get the most authentic movie and entertainment experience, wherever they are.

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