The Great BTI-ISH Bake-off!

With the latest series of The Great British Bake Off currently delighting the British public, BTI Studios London decided to whip up their own spin on the competition: THE GREAT BTI-ISH BAKE OFF.

Posted on Oct 31, 2017 by Alan Simmons  | Tags: blog, charity

The event was not purely so entrants could batter their competition, or just a fabulous excuse for everybody to fill their faces full of cake, but also to raise money for the wonderful mental health charity: Mind.

Competitors anonymously added their delicious home-made offerings to the gingham judging tables for everyone to ooh and drool over, with judgement scheduled in time for tea and elevensies.

The carb altars happily creaked beneath an enormous array of confections: with cookies, brownies, cakes and a true show-stopper topped with an ice cream cone vying for attention.

BTI Studios London Bake Off

Prior to the bakes being judged and sold, there was also a spin on a classic British summer fete game where entrants guess the number of sweets in a large jar. Being Bake Off, the London team’s version was guessing the number of chocolate beans in a cake topping jar, adding further donations to Mind.

Before we knew it, the judges arrived to the fanfare of the Bake Off theme tune as our very own Robert and Corinna filled in for Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith to pass their critical eyes and sharp tongues over the offerings.

The savage and razor sharp critiques were kindly kept light, fluffy and positive as each delight was tasted in turn and notes on flavour, texture and looks were offered up to an audience keen to try one of everything for themselves.

BTI Studios London Bake Off

Suspense and pressure gripped the break area as the judges decided to take a short side-bar to decide whom they would crown Star Baker. Minutes felt like hours as Robert and Corinna wrestled with the difficult and delectable decision.

A hush swept across the crowd as the door opened and a Star Baker was declared… But, TWIST: two entries had risen to the top of the judges’ estimation. Ann-Kristin’s aforementioned ice cream cone cake was given special recognition and a Hollywood handshake for its superb seaside-inspired presentation; while the taste of Emily Baker’s scrummy raspberry iced brownie had filled the judges’ hearts and tummies with joy.

Emily happily received her prize of a flashy new whisk and a recipe journal, while all entries were quickly sliced up so that everyone could purchase a piece and tuck in.

BTI Studios London Bake Off

Within minutes the table’s wares were utterly decimated and the donation jar was brimming with generous contributions. Quiet, comfortable, crumb-filled munching and thoughtful reflection engulfed the office as we all tried, compared and shared our selections – before a well-earned cup of tea and a sit down.

Still, the chocolate bean estimates trickled in during the course of the cake-hazed day... But, TWIST AGAIN. Unbelievably, we had another two winners! There were actually 401 beans in the jar, and although there were guesses that were hundreds out in either direction, the closest ones belonged to… Kevin, who guessed 410, and Hanna, who guessed 392, so they were both only 9 beans out!

With the chocolate bean sweepstake money added to the sales of all of the delicious cakes, we raised £151.81 for the mental health charity Mind – as well as having had a lot of fun bonding over our brimming-with-brilliant-bakes bellies.

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