BTI Studios Goes Hollywood

Burbank, California is the location of BTI Studios’ US facility. Burbank is home to many renowned TV and movie studios, including Walt Disney and Warner Bros. This month’s featured office article takes a look behind the scenes at one of BTI Studios’ fastest-growing facilities.

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The facility in Burbank opened in 2014, in close proximity to BTI Studios’ expanding US and Latin American client base. Initially, a small team of just two people handled subtitling projects for local clients, including NBC, Warner, CBS, and Fox.

BTI Studios Los Angeles has expanded considerably in just a few years. It’s now a thriving hub with 25 full-time employees, a number set to increase. They provide a variety of localization services and are split into different teams handling translation subtitling, dubbing, access services, and voice-over services. They manage multiple language requests and have augmented their work with animated content, live action, scripted, and non-scripted content. Being located in the heart of the film and TV industry, BTI Studios Los Angeles manages a variety of global titles and has great working relationships with nearby Hollywood studios.

BTI's dubbing and subtitling facility Los Angeles

Due to the rapid expansion of the Los Angeles office, BTI Studios is moving to a bigger facility, but one that is still in the Burbank area. This will enable BTI Studios to increase its localization service capacities to include audio mixing, and begin the construction of its own studios.

BTI Studios Los Angeles has developed its own character. With staff from a wide range of countries, who bring their own talents and unique cultural insights to the office, it’s an exciting and diverse place to work. Every Friday morning, it’s time for “Bagel Fridays”. Staff gather in the kitchen area and share a plethora of different bagels with cream cheese and coffee. It’s a great way for employees to take time to speak to each other and discuss their plans for the weekend. Staff are also keen on baking goodies at home, and bring their creations into the office to share with their colleagues. When energy levels start to drop at about 3pm, there are always sweets on hand to give staff a boost.

BTI's dubbing and subtitling facility Los Angeles

BTI Studios Los Angeles is proud to have expanded so much in such a short period of time. Staff take pride in ensuring that they deliver high-quality end-to-end solutions for all re-versioning needs that meet the expectations of a wide range of clients. BTI Studios Los Angeles is excited about the plans to build its own studios, paving the way for more dubbing and voice-over work to be done in-house in the Burbank facility for local and international clients.

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