BTI Studios to provide live subtitling for 2018 Winter Olympics

The live subtitling service has been commissioned by TVNorge, the Norwegian terrestrial entertainment channel owned by Discovery Networks, which holds the Norwegian rights to broadcast the event.

Posted on Feb 08, 2018 by Corinna Booth  | Tags: press release, Subtitling, live subtitling, access services

During the Winter Olympics, taking place in South Korea from the 9th to the 25th of February, BTI Studios will provide Norwegian viewers with live subtitles from 6am until 9.30pm every day, except for the opening day when the service will be offered from 11am until 3pm. All events covered by TVNorge will be live subtitled, along with a live highlights show (called OL i dag or Olympics Today) from 4pm until 8pm and a live online show from Oslo every night from 8pm to 9.30pm.

The live subtitling operations for this year’s Winter Olympics will take place at the European HQ of Discovery Networks in west London, where a specially prepared facility has been created for the work. A total of 19 BTI employees will be working on the project. 9 of BTI’s live subtitlers will fly over from from their Bergen facility, joining 10 Norwegian staff from BTI’s nearby London sales and distribution hub. They will include the team leader, Åse Leknes, Manager of BTI Studios Bergen, who will oversee the work.

Live subtitling for people with hearing impairments is a legal requirement in Norway for live shows broadcast between 6pm and 11pm on the country’s four biggest channels. TVNorge is one of these and in fact BTI Studios already supplies live subtitles for all of their live evening shows. However, TVNorge believes that strong viewer interest in the Winter Olympics more than justifies the enhanced investment in live subtitling to meet demand from the many sports fans among Norway’s 700,000 viewers who are hearing-impaired.

Live subtitling requirements have already boosted demand for expert subtitlers in Norway, and BTI Studios, which has been strongly established in Scandinavian markets for many years, is the partner of choice for a number of major names. As well as supplying live subtitles for TVNorge, BTI provided a daily 14-hour subtitling service for Norway’s TV2 when it covered the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Espen Skoland,VP Communications, Nordics Mktg & Comms at Discovery Networks, Norway, says: “Not only legal requirements but strong expected demand have been factors in our planning a comprehensive live subtitling service to go with our Winter Olympics coverage — and we knew we had to work with the best provider available to supply that service. BTI Studios is a proven and trusted subtitling service provider with many years of experience. We are delighted to have the support of the BTI team at this very busy time for live broadcasting.”

Åse Leknes, Manager of BTI Studios Bergen, adds: “Our strong track record in live subtitling is proving a major selling point at a time when more and more channels are required to offer this service or choose to do so as a point of difference. Providing live subtitling for the Winter Olympics is both challenging and exciting – and we are looking forward to it enormously.”

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