What Genres Are Watched Most Around the World?

Movies are enjoyed all over the world, but certain genres are watched more frequently in different territories. A genre’s popularity often ties into the country’s culture and history.

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We thought it would be interesting to see which genres appeal more to particular countries. So we decided to list 7 genres and which countries they are most watched in. *

What Genres Are Watched Most Around the World?


On a global average, action movies are more appreciated in Asia. In China, especially Hong Kong, a lot of the action movies include a variation of martial arts, which ties into the country’s combat history.


Comedy takes the gold in Italy. And this is no surprise considering that it is the birthplace of famous comedian and actor Roberto Benigni and the Italian film genre Commedia all'italiana, which translates to “Italian –style comedy.” It is closely tied to the culture of Italy and reflects a period in which comedy found a humorous side to dealing with the hardships Italy went through.


Even though documentaries are very educational and interesting depending on the topic, they do not seem to appeal to the rest of the world as much as they do to the North American territories. The U.S and Canada topped the ranking for most watched documentaries when compared to the global average.


Drama is a popular genre all over the world, but it ranked a little higher in South Korea. South Korea is known for Korean dramas that contain a lot of true reflections of South Korea’s tough history, social norms and their culture. They also really go above and beyond with dramatic plotlines, shocking twists and secret reveals.

Romantic Comedy

This genre has always been well received due to its appeal to both the heart and our need for laughter. Interestingly, Mexico is a healthy market for romantic comedies. This could be due to the genre’s ability to adapt to the moral and romantic values of the Mexican upper and middle classes.


Mexico comes in first again, this time as the country with most watched horror movies. This is due to their love for ghost stories and their Catholic religion; growing up with the duality between good and evil.


It is no surprise that Japan takes the cake with this genre. Anime was born in Japan and has grown in popularity because of the storylines, the character drawings, and Japan’s love for cute characters.

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