5 Steps to Becoming a Voiceover Actor

Anyone who has heard Morgan Freeman narrate anything understands the power of a strong voice. Voiceovers are needed for many different productions, such as films, commercials, TV series, animations, audiobooks and games. So voice acting applies to many interesting genres, which makes many people want to start a career as a voiceover actor.

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Starting a career as a voiceover actor doesn’t have to be an unreachable goal. After speaking with our dubbing team and some of our seasoned voiceover actors, we’ve created a simple 5 step guide to starting a voiceover career.

Step 1: Study your voice

Start by listening to your voice and study its sound, resonance, rhythm, and pace. This allows you to learn how to alter your voice seamlessly. Voice acting is about knowing how to bend your voice to fit the essence of a project – whether it’s an animated character or a narration.

5 steps to becoming a voiceover actor

Step 2: Take professional voiceover training courses

Since you are at the starting line of your voiceover career you want to make sure you go through some voiceover training sessions so you receive the grounding and basic theory which you can then start practicing with. This also gives you a chance to get your voice screened by a professional voiceover training company to see how well you are improving. 

5 steps to becoming a voiceover actor

Step 3: See which area of work your voice thrives in

Voice acting applies to many different areas of entertainment. It is rare to find a voice that perfectly fits EVERY area of work. Find out which area your voice stands out in. You might have a voice that is clear and sharp which fits audiobook reading; or you might have a voice that’s very lively and animated, which fits cartoons. Luckily the range of work in voice acting is varied, so you have a big chance of discovering your voice’s niche

Step 4: Create a voice demo

Once you have gone through all the above steps, it’s time to create a voice demo. This is a professional recording of your voice in action, so that producers and directors can hear your voice in different contexts to help them during the casting process.

5 steps to becoming a voiceover actor

Step 5: Start small, then go big!

When you have finished your voice demo, you are ready to send it in and audition for roles. Start with smaller productions so you can test the waters and have more wiggle room to improve before taking on the bigger projects.

5 steps to becoming a voiceover actor

BTI Studios is proud to be one of the largest localization companies specializing in voiceover services among other localization and access services. This is thanks to our multiple in-house studios across Europe, Asia and the U.S; we can record high-quality voiceovers for a variety of different productions. We have a great team that works with talented and famous voice actors and who understand which qualities to look for in a voiceover actor to produce great localized versions.

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