A Day In The Life of BTI Studios Warsaw!

BTI Studios’ Warsaw facility has been active in the audio-visual market since the late nineties and has been growing ever since.

Posted on Apr 26, 2018 by Sophia Klippvik  | Tags: featured office, blog, warsaw, localization

Based in Mokotow, we are located in a district that is both industrialized but also full of parks and green areas. And since Warsaw is the capital city, we are perfectly located in the cultural and economic hub of Poland.

BTI Studios Warsaw operates out of a facility that comprises 4 voiceover studios and 2 dubbing studios, equipped with cutting-edge technology which includes a Dolby 5.1 Pro-Tools suite and audio systems with plug-ins for HD projects. With access to our fully-equipped in-house studios we are able to provide high-quality dubbing, multi-voice productions and audio mixing.

We are proud to be able to translate from any language into Polish. Alongside our voiceover services and dubbing, we also provide audio QC, translation subtitling and access services such as HoH subtitling and audio description. Even though our office in Warsaw is only one of BTI Studios’ 21 global offices, we love being able to offer technical support to our other offices as well as offering help with customized graphics.

BTI Studios Featured Office

One of the best things about our Warsaw facility is the dedicated team working there. Everyone loves what they do and has a real passion for the industry. The staff also includes some friendly cats that live in the garden area of the office, they make the workdays interesting and fun. During the summer months, the staff likes to host grill parties on their office terrace and hold birthday festivities with cakes and other sweets. When big holidays roll around like Christmas, they love going all in with beautiful décor!

BTI Studios Featured Office

BTI Studios Warsaw is proud to have such a dedicated group of people to help deliver on-time and high-quality localization work. We are planning on expanding to a bigger facility this year and are excited to be able to further grow the team in Poland and increase our capability to manage multilingual projects in any language for local and international clients.

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