5 Ways to Save Money on Your Localization Budget

As the world of entertainment becomes more global, language versioning is becoming more relevant for distributors, producers and content creators everywhere.

Posted on May 03, 2018 by Corinna

Creating localized versions can make your content more attractive for a potential buyer - it may even be a requirement if you’re selling to one of the many VoD platforms popping up. Or perhaps you are looking to launch your own content in new territories. See below for our 5 quick tips on saving money on your localization budget.

Infograph showing 5 ways to save money on localization

1.Gather Your Assets

When you’re acquiring a title, get ahead by tying existing subtitling assets into the deal, and make sure you’re getting scripts too. Having a script saves time and money on localization, as it’s a handy reference for creating subtitles and will be vital in creating dubs or video description. Existing subtitle files can be used as templates or conformed for onward use.

2.Pump up the Volume

As is often the case with products and services, the more you can order in one go, the more you can save on costs. The world of media versioning is no exception. If you’re dubbing a title, sending more than one film or sending episodes of a series in bigger batches means that we can streamline our processes, for example organising dubbing recordings more efficiently with the voice talents, saving you money.

3.Get Multilingual

If you need versions for more than one territory, the good news is that we can save you money if you order multiple languages for the same content. We do this by making efficiencies in administration and processes; such as in subtitling, where a template may be created; or in dubbing, where we can centralise the mixing. At BTI we provide localization in over 80 language combinations so it’s easy for you to order any language you need with us.

4.Plan Ahead

The best way to keep localization costs down is to budget for the services ahead of time where possible, let your supplier know the timeline, commission the work and get the price fixed. This way we can allocate our resources and ensure the most cost-efficient workflow for you. That said, we can offer speedy or emergency turnarounds if needed!

5.Know Your Rights

For dubbing projects the pricing varies depending on the level of rights you need. This is due to costs that have to be paid to the voice talents, and these costs and regulations are also different depending on the territory. At the top end you have theatrical dubbing rights but most projects we deal with can be covered by “all rights excluding theatrical”, which is perfect for any home entertainment use. In some territories you can make further savings if you can cut down the time frame of the rights required.

BTI Studios operates 21 facilities worldwide, providing dubbing, subtitling and video description services in 80+ languages. With over 20 years’ experience in the business, we can help you to reach audiences all over the world, and save money in the process. Contact us to find out more. 

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