Say "Hei" to BTI Studios Bergen!

Bergen is a beautiful city on Norway’s southwestern coast. It is surrounded by mountains and fjords, and is home to one of BTI Studios’ subtitling facilities.

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Our Bergen subtitling facility launched in 2015 and is based in Kanalveien. We are lucky to be a fifteen minute walk from the city center and the historic harbor.

BTI Studios Bergen comprises a close-knit team of on-site subtitlers who serve both local and international clients with their subtitling needs. One of our big clients is TV2, Norway’s largest commercial television broadcaster. Because TV2 delivers live news, many of our subtitlers work in TV2’s news room, providing live subtitles for their daily news, weather forecasting, and sports programming. At the moment, we have eight translators who work exclusively at TV2’s office, and six who alternate between evening shifts at TV2 and daytime shifts at our office.

BTI Studios Featured Office Blog Presents BTI Studios Bergen

Working within this monthly rotation allows our subtitlers to experience different levels of intensity, keeping them alert and well-trained. The intensity of the evening shift is high, subtitling hard news against the clock, while the day-time shift focuses on translation of television programs for clients such as SBS, Discovery, BBC and National Geographic. Our subtitlers love this dynamic because it allows them to continue perfecting their translation skills while also keeping sharp with the high-pressure live subtitling. 

Our work focuses a lot on Norwegian to English subtitling. But that does not stop the rush of other localization projects coming in from our other international clients. Our team of highly educated in-house translators speak a variety of different languages, which comes in handy when we have to translate news and productions from all corners of the world. The Bergen office consists of 20 employees including the on-call staff and is driven by Åse Leknes, who is Head of Office & Business Development Manager. She handles many of the client projects coming in, distributing them to the appropriate teams.

BTI Studios Featured Office Blog Presents BTI Studios Bergen

Despite the impressive volume of work the Bergen office receives, it is all managed seamlessly due to the close relationship within the team. Everyone cooperates very well together and they often meet outside the office. If the weather is welcoming staff often go out for ice cream or meet for happy hour to laugh and discuss the day’s happenings.

BTI Studios Featured Office Blog Presents BTI Studios Bergen

BTI Studios is happy to have such a strong group of team players who are not afraid to take on translation projects of all sizes. We are proud to have the capability to offer our local and international clients access to high-quality, localized translations in any language for a variety of platforms.

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