Why Should You Keep It Local?

When you travel to a new country and want to eat something authentic, you ask the locals. The same goes for localization of films, TV series, and other video content.

Posted on Jul 09, 2018 by Sophia Klippvik  | Tags: blog, localization, sales, local translation

When it comes to adapting content for a specific market or region, making sure it’s done locally and accurately is very important, because this allows the local viewers to enjoy the localized content fully.

In order to further delve into why keeping it local is so important I had the opportunity to speak with Corinna Booth, who is our Marketing Director and Sales Manager EMEA and John Koscheka, who is our EVP of OTT Operations. They shared with me reasons why keeping it local is so vital in this industry and how BTI Studios is achieving that.

When adaptations are done locally, it ensures that the nuances of the content being adapted into that local language are accurate both culturally and linguistically. This is why BTI Studios has local facilities all over the world. It means that we can rely on our colleagues in-territory to know all of the cultural norms for dubbing and subtitling in that region, as well as them keeping updated on new regulations and changes to union laws in-territory.

John commented, “In my experience, when you don’t keep localization local, someone is usually experimenting or trying to save money. Throughout my career, I have learned this might work in the short term but I have never seen it have long-term success.” When you don’t use local experience, you might feel you’ve got more in your pocket, but you’re losing value in the long term. Local talents know their market; they know their industries; and they know their audiences.

BTI Studios explains why keeping it local when it comes to localization is important

This is also important when it comes to language. Language evolves quickly and having our own teams of translators in-house, in-territory means we know that they understand the latest language changes and terms that people are currently using. To use some English examples, words like “woke,” which has taken on a new political meaning, and coining of new phrases such as “binge-watch.”

Corinna commented “Because we have clients all over the world it makes sense for us to be where they are. Having our own facilities in 21 locations means that we can service clients from local hubs, giving them customer service in their time zone, speaking to them in their language.”

At BTI Studios, we take pride in having local offices and colleagues around the world. It not only helps us achieve high-quality and accurate local adaptations, it also enriches our company culture. We learn from each other and change our practices through these lessons in order to continue opening our minds and improving our services. Its makes us more global and stops us from getting insulated in our own territories. We are continuing to open more local offices all over Europe, Asia, and the Americas in order to strive for local excellence. 

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