Say "Salut" To BTI Studios in Bucharest!

​Bucharest is the commercial center and capital of Romania. The city is filled with beautiful landmarks and buildings and is the home of one of BTI Studios’ 21 global offices.

Posted on Jul 26, 2018 by Sophia Klippvik  | Tags: blog, Bucharest, Romania, subtitling, localization, featured office

Our Bucharest subtitling facility launched in 1997 as Zone Studio and was later acquired by BTI Studios in 2012 and has since subtitled tens of thousands of documentaries, feature films and hit series, earning BTI the title of number one in the subtitling market in Romania.

BTI Studios’ Bucharest office consists of a small but perfectly formed team of in-house full-time staff and 100 highly qualified freelancers who work from home.

The facility is run by Bogdan Cămîrzan, who started out at BTI Studios as a translator before progressing to the Managing Director role. The Bucharest office comprises a team that Bogdan works very closely with to produce high-quality subtitles at the most competitive price.

Our BTI Studios Bucharest office focuses mostly on Romanian subtitling requests and has provided subtitling services for TV channels such as Discovery Networks, Netflix, Turner, BBC, Viacom, and AMC. 

These subtitling services have been complemented by the Romanian dubbing services provided by our studios in Oradea since 1999

At BTI Studios, we are happy to have such an ambitious team of people in Bucharest who really love what they do and strive to show that in their work. We are proud to be able to offer our high-quality Romanian subtitling services to so many important clients. As a global team we will continue working hard to offer our clients excellent localized subtitle versions in any language for a variety of platforms.

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