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Cartoon Network, BTI Studios, and Voiceovers

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Nov 20, 2017

Anyone who remembers running home from school - to catch a glimpse of the cartoon shows and any present day parent with young children will be familiar with the Cartoon Network channel.

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BTI Studios Goes Hollywood

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Nov 11, 2017

Burbank, California is the location of BTI Studios’ US facility. Burbank is home to many renowned TV and movie studios, including Walt Disney and Warner Bros. This month’s featured office article takes a look behind the scenes at one of BTI Studios’ fastest-growing facilities.

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The Great BTI-ISH Bake-off!

Posted by Alan Simmons | Oct 31, 2017

With the latest series of The Great British Bake Off currently delighting the British public, BTI Studios London decided to whip up their own spin on the competition: THE GREAT BTI-ISH BAKE OFF.

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BTI Studios Takes On MIPCOM

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Oct 27, 2017

Every year in October, the renowned tradeshow MIPCOM is held in the French town of Cannes, where representatives of television, studios, and broadcasters gather for 4 days to buy and sell new programs for international distribution, promote their services, and network with studios and distributors.

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What Is Localization?

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Oct 19, 2017

The word and concept of “localization” has been used for years but it hasn’t always been understood by everyone.

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To Laugh or Not to Laugh - Why Translating Humor is Hard

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Sep 28, 2017

Laughter has always been the universal response to humor. However humor isn't universal when it comes to each country’s perspective. This can be due to cultural differences, specific references, or even wordplay.

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Why Do People Love Going To the Movies?

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Sep 08, 2017

When we think of the movies, we think of the giant dimly lit rooms with the velvet soft chairs and the excitement of entering a whole other world for the next two and a half hours.

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Using Subtitles to Learn a New Language

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Aug 31, 2017

In a world filled with people from different countries, language is more than a method of communication. It is a way to connect with cultures and express feelings by utilizing gestures, words and tone to portray a broad spectrum of emotions.

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5 Tips for Growing Your Audience on YouTube

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Aug 08, 2017

As trends change, so does content and how it’s shown to the public. If we look at what’s trending today, it’s easy to say that video is here to stay.

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How to Subtitle Movies and TV Shows: Reading Between the Lines

Posted by Sophia Klippvik | Aug 02, 2017

When people think of subtitles, their thoughts may go to foreign films, hard-of-hearing subtitles you see in the gym or the notorious subtitle fails that are pointed out after major events are broadcast with live subtitles.

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