17 years in the business, thousands of documentaries and feature films subtitled, dozens of highly qualified and specialised translators, number 1 on the subtitling market in Romania. All these epitomise the studio in the heart of Bucharest that has been providing subtitling for TV channels such as Discovery, Animal Planet, BBC Entertainment, BBC Knowledge and Paramount. Our Studio Manager, Bogdan Cămîrzan, started out as a translator here in 1997 and was promoted to chief executive level in 1999. He always works closely with his team to produce the best subtitles at the most competitive prices.

Opened in 1999, our Oradea dubbing studio was the first to be established in Romania. Since then thousands of films have been dubbed through the efforts of hundreds of people with our host of enthusiastic and gifted actors becoming the voices of cartoon characters. The professional dubbing studio is managed by Sandor Barany, whose dedicated team strives to capture the imaginations of their young audiences for a portfolio of prestigious clients including Minimax, Turner, Warner Bros, Megamax and Jim Jam.


Bogdan Cămîrzan
Managing Director

5 Corneliu Coposu Blvd.
Building 103
Entrance B, 3rd floor
apartment 32 Bucharest 030602

T: +40 21 323 5411


Sandor Barany
Studio Director

Bv Dacia 34-36
Oradea 410339

T: +40 744 767771