Translation Subtitling

BTI Studios is one of the few companies that specialises in true translation subtitling. We employ over 400 in-house staff, across our 21 global offices and work with over 4,000 language translators subtitling into more than 50 languages. We are the experts in this field.

Sherlock - Danish, Finnish & Swedish 

At BTI Studios we have provided translation subtitles for a variety of TV and VOD content including popular British TV drama Sherlock.

Wuthering Heights with Norwegian Subtitles

BTI Studios is delighted to count Miramax among our clients and we have localised a number of their titles including the classic Wuthering Heights. 

What is "true" Translation Subtitling?

Translation subtitling requires highly trained linguistic specialists who understand the complexities of translating different kinds of programme content and genres and, importantly, have the skill to retain the meaning and context of the original version within the subtitles.

Why BTI Studios?

Quality - To achieve the best translation subtitling at BTI Studios we train our staff to the highest standards and employ the best qualified linguistic translators in the industry. Our translation subtitlers are experts within their language field and are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects and types of programmes they subtitle. 

Workflow – this year we will be launching our new asset management tool which enables us to provide our clients with the most cost-effective, transparent and efficient service on the market.

Location – We are unique. As one of the few companies with our own physical office locations and in-house, local translators who understand the local markets combined with our workflow management tool, we are specialists in multi-language versioning. That’s why on a daily basis we localize into no less than 50 languages.

How do we do Translation Subtitling?

Translation subtitling requires a lot more than simply creating a word-for-word translation of a movie script or a documentary and then placing it as subtitles at the bottom of the screen. A translator has to understand the content they are working on, retain the meaning and context of the original version and convey that in another language. And then, in addition, edit the translated version to meet the parameters of the subtitles, taking into account things such as reading speed, characters-per-line limits, timing and positioning.