Voiceover means different things in different territories. Is it re-voicing an off-screen narrator, or using one or multiple voice talents to speak over the original language? Should you use a mixture of voiceover and subtitles? What do your territories demand? We know!

Knorr Chef Videos - Flemish Voiceover

Unilever produced a series of chef videos to market their Knorr projects which we also localised by translation and voiceover into French, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

Behind the Artist  Documentary with English Voiceover

Award-winning documentary makers Zed have been working with us since 2008. We localise their content from French to English via translation, voiceover and graphics localisation.


"Voiceover" refers to either the re-voicing of an off-screen narrator or, when a person speaking is on screen, to the process of dipping the original voice and laying the new voice on top. In this case the voiceover starts and stops at the same time as the original speaker (phrase-sync), but the viewer is aware that the voiceover is not the language of the person on screen. This works best for factual programming such as documentaries.